Why is Instagram Marketing Important for Businesses?

A picture says a thousand words. It’s an age old saying that still stands true today. The images your business shares on Instagram will form the opinions most people have about your business. Your customers want to see daily updates from you and behind the scenes views. They want to see inside the personality behind your brand.


Instagram is a high-engagement social media platform that 59% of internet users view. Of these users, most are of the younger demographic who spend most their time connected on social media. Studies have shown that 60% of people who use Instagram say the platform is where they have discovered new products. Instagram Marketing can put your business above competitors in a way that can generate more brand awareness, followers, engagement, and customers.

Increase Your Awareness

Grow your Instagram followers using the most effective methods.

Increase Your Engagement

Increase Instagram likes and comments through beautiful content.

Improve Brand Perception

Post to your Instagram page frequently to maintain brand consistency and perception

What are Instagram Management Services?

Instagram management services are professional services designed to create and implement Instagram marketing campaigns on your behalf. Instagram marketing services include account monitoring, content creation, audience growth, and reporting. The time and energy spent managing your Instagram account will be minimized with Instagram management services.

Using Instagram marketing services will also elevate the quality on your Instagram page. You can expect to see higher quality content, more relevant followers, and more creativity on your Instagram to boost results. When done correctly, you can spread word-of-mouth and gain new customers through Instagram management.


#1 Instagram Marketing Strategy:

Our first step will be to research your competitors to see how you can differentiate in the market. Next, we will develop your customer avatar by pinpointing your ideal customer’s goals, value, pain points, challenges, and other demographics. Finally, we will cultivate all information gathered from you and our research about your business, competitors, and customer and begin to create content and outline a winning Instagram management campaign strategy for you.

#2 Instagram Content Development:

Once you agree on the Instagram marketing strategy we develop, we will start execution. This is where you can step back and watch the magic happen. Using your Instagram strategy as a guide, we will develop unique Instagram content for your business. To make sure you are satisfied, we will provide a content calendar for you to review and approve content.

#3 Instagram Page Growth:

Our Instagram Management services includes paid and organic growth activities to grow your followers and build engagement. To increase organic growth, we will leverage hashtags to expand the reach of your content. We will also find relevant pages and do outreach to people who may be a good fit for your page. To spice things up, we can also develop Instagram contests to increase awareness. If you’re looking accelerate growth further, we can leverage paid promotion of posts to reach a broader audience.

#4 Instagram Monitoring:

Our Instagram management services include daily monitoring. We monitor all Instagram activity, such as comments and direct messages. Our Instagram marketing experts will be monitoring your pages during normal business hours, and will generally respond to activities that needs attention within 24 hours.

#5 Instagram Management Reporting:

Each month, you will receive a monthly Instagram report that displays your follower growth, engagement growth, and other metrics of interest. Our Instagram marketing specialists will analyze your reports and make necessary changes to optimize your campaign. You will also have 24/7 access to our Instagram reporting software to see the status of your campaign at any time.



The goal of our Instagram marketing services is to increase awareness for your business. We accomplish this in a few ways:

  1. Increasing Instagram Followers

  2. Increasing Instagram Likes and Comments

  3. Increasing Instagram Reach and Impressions

  4. Increasing organic website traffic from Instagram marketing

  5. Providing exceptional customer service to existing customers

#1 In-House Instagram Management

Every post of your Instagram Management is conducted in house by a dedicated social media specialist. We will not outsource your account to another company.




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