Why Advertise on Pinterest?

Advertising on Pinterest can drive high volumes of engagement, traffic, and sales for businesses targeting consumers. Over 61% of Pinterest users admit to purchasing from brands on Pinterest. In addition, 73% of Pinterest users say that content from businesses are useful to them. Businesses should consider advertising on Pinterest if they are interested in these benefits, and the demographics of their platform match their customer base.


Pinterest users consists of primarily women. The age of most Pinterest users range from 25-54 years of age. And, if you’re looking to target individuals with high disposable income, Pinterest may be the platform for you. Over 60% of Pinterest users make over $50,000/year. Businesses with compelling stories can drive high-intent traffic to their website through advertising on Pinterest.


One key factor that makes Pinterest different than other social media platforms is their search functionality. Similar to Google, Pinterest offers a robust search feature that allows user to search for content that they want to see. Advertising on Pinterest gives businesses the opportunity to promote to people who are in the act of searching for specific products that they sell. Considering this, traffic from Pinterest may be more qualified than other social media websites.

Increase Engagement

Promote your pins to get more brand engagement.

Increase Website Traffic

Drive high volumes of traffic to your website through sponsored pins.

Increase Sales

Increase revenue through Pinterest ads.

Why Do You Need An Agency to Advertise on Pinterest?

Any business can advertise on Pinterest. However, you are more likely to be successful with expert creating and managing your campaign. Advertising on Pinterest can be time-consuming and tricky for businesses who are not advanced in social media advertising. An agency can step in and help you advertise on Pinterest in the most effective way to generate results.


Some of the ways an agency can help you advertise on Pinterest consists of copywriting, creative, and ad optimization. Our Pinterest advertising agency works with our clients to write unique copy and creative that entices your audience to click. Our agency is skilled in launching campaigns, analyzing the performance data, and making data-driven decisions to improve your results.


#1 Pinterest Advertising Strategy:

The most important component of driving results through advertising on Pinterest is your strategy. You need to determine your goals, who you want to target, and what type of campaign is best. Our Pinterest advertising agency will guide you in this process and help you develop a winning Pinterest strategy.

#2 Promoted Pin Development:

Next you will have to determine which pins you will promote. Our agency will help you craft pins that are proven to work based on our experience. We will help you optimize your pins for maximum visibility.

#3 Pinterest Ad Monitoring:

Our agency will monitor your Pinterest ads on a consistent basis to make sure that they are performing according to your expectations. We will monitor your ad spend and keep an eye on your budget, and also make sure that the correct pins are being promoted.

#4 Pinterest Ad Optimization:

Your Pinterest ads will be optimized by experienced advertising specialists on our staff. They will take a look at your ad analytics and determine what changes need to be made to improve performance. This may include adjusting the ads, audience, or budget.

#5 Pinterest Reporting:

You will be able to log-into your Pinterest Ads Manager at any time to see how your campaign is performing. In addition, our team will be sending you Pinterest advertising reports each month.



The goal of our Pinterest advertising agency services is to drive traffic that leads to sales for your business. We accomplish this in a few ways:

  1. Increasing Pinterest Saves and Repins

  2. Increasing Traffic from Pinterest Ads

  3. Increasing Conversions from Pinterest Ads

#1 We have experience with advertising on Pinterest

We have revenue-producing campaigns running right now for some of our clients who are advertising on Pinterest. Before you spend a dollar on Pinterest ads, or anything, you need to make sure that you have sufficient experience to replicate the results you want. Our Pinterest agency was designed to provide businesses like yourself with the experience and resources they need to be successful.




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